422 S DT ACMI System is mounted on F-16 and similar airborne platforms in external pod form and provides efficiency in A/A and A/G training of pilots and rehearsals. SDT ACMI System has advanced A/A and A/G combat capabilities such as real-time autonomous position generation, weapon simulations and Real-Time Kill Notifications (RTKN) thanks to its long range and high throughput RF data link and integrated processors. System has mission planning, live monitoring, and post mission analysis capabilities. SDT ACMI System enables fighter pilot training under real flight conditions and in a multi-participant threat and target environment. With its high throughput RF data link and modular design it promises a Live-VirtualConstructive (LVC) training infrastructure. ACMI AIR COMBAT MANOEUVRING INSTRUMENT SYSTEM A PS143 Sea Surveillance Radar Simulator system simulates the APS143-(V)3 Radar System which is used on Seahawk helicopters. System can be integrated to the full-flight simulators, also it has capability to work standalone. APS143 SEA SURVEILLANCE RADAR SIMULATOR SIMULATORS