443 TRAINING and SIMULATION TOOLS and SOFTWARE T he AdSiF (Agent driven Simulation Framework) provides a script programming language for simulation, and agent programming, an integrated development environment (IDE), and a set of analysis tools. AdSiF provides a novel view to simulation and agent-modeling using a script-based graph programming based on state-oriented programming paradigm (SOP). The power of this paradigm stems from its ontological background and the paradigms it embraces such as object-oriented programming (OOP), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and logic programming (LP). AdSiF commits to describe what exists and to model the agent behaviors and reasoning abilities, which thereby drives model behaviors. AdSiF provides a reasoning mechanism to support modeling intelligent agents. AdSiF supports continuous and discrete event simulation, equally, and allows modelers to use meta programming to develop their own simulation algorithms. AGENT DRIVEN SIMULATION FRAMEWORK AgenaBilişim veSavunmaTeknolojileri SanayiTicaret Ltd.Şti. T he BİTES offers computer / web based interactive multimedia instruction applications with embedded simulation for military pilots, operators and maintenance task force based on a proven experience in training solutions using methodology of international standards and Training Needs Analysis. The Computer / Web Based Training Systems combine advanced visual aids with interactive learning media to deliver individual student the whole training syllabus describing operational and / or maintenance procedures of military platforms. Courseware is designed for student self-paced learning in an interactive multimedia environment and may include personalized instructor participation. Typically, next- generation multimedia material, virtual assets and embedded simulation is used to train basic theory, deliver tutorials and support system familiarisation. COMPUTER / WEB BASED TRAINING SYSTEMS BITES