451 F ast and effective reaction in forest fires is one of the problems Turkey fight against especially in the summer due to factors such as extreme heat, terror and carelessness. In this context, Wildfire Fighting Training Simulator (WFTS), which was started to be developed in September 2011, aims to improve the organisation and coordination capabilities of the chiefs responsible for combating wildfires. In this way, the capabilities of forest engineers in positions such as Team Commander, Front Supervisor, Front Chief or Fire Supervisor during fire fighting can be developed without the need to confront with real fire. The system was delivered in April 2015, includes seven different types of consoles to enable users to interact with each other on a wide area network, apart from trainer and assistant trainer consoles. These are; Team Commander Role Player Console, Dozer Manager Role Player Console, Fire Fighting Helicopter User Console, Fire Fighting Aircraft User Console, Front Supervisor Console, Front Chief Console, Fire Supervisor Console. WFTS’s features include functions increasing the effectiveness of training such as; creating / changing / deleting scenarios, defining the starting point of the fire, making changes in the state of fire zones during the simulation, while defining scenario defining the meteorological conditions that will be valid for different regions at different time intervals. In addition to the existing embedded system actors, new types of aircraft and vehicles can be defined to WFTS within the scope of the Model Management System capabilities. WFTS is a network-centric simulation system where all consoles are connected to a local or wide area network. In this way, students in different locations can be trained on the same scenario. The fire propagation model used in WFTS was created by using data obtained from hundreds of forest fires. In this model; all parameters such as tree characteristics, combustible material, wind, temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, terrain and slope are taken into consideration. In addition, fire spreading can be accelerated up to 4 fold in WFTS. This allows students to quickly see how the forest fire spread is. WFTS, which is actively used by the General Directorate of Forestry (GDF), includes the Vehicle Tracking System that is currently used by GDF. Therefore, it is possible through this system to monitor the vehicles (IMA, dozer, water cart, helicopter, aircraft) which are used / managed by the students within the scope of the scenario played by the simulator. WFTS also includes foreign language support. WFTS TRAINING and SIMULATION TOOLS and SOFTWARE