452 TRAINING and CONSULTANCY SERVICES T raining course titled “Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security” aims to teach institutions how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in cyber security. With the pre-processing, it is aimed to rearrange the data, to obtain the estimation and classification models by applying the machine learning algorithms, and to apply the test and evaluation processes of these models on the real data sets and to create awareness. By focusing mainly on deep learning algorithms in education, algorithms such as Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), LSTM and Autoencoders will be applied on data sets based on Tensorflow Keras libraries. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN CYBER SECURITY COURSE A KADEMİ SANCAK provides services and consultancy issues in international area such as procurement of defence industry products and training aids, procurement consulting, quality assurance and quality control services, analysis and installing of Logistics Support Systems, risk management and analysis, logistics trainings, defence planning and construction of infrastructure and upper structure. The company also provides training services related to close protection training and simulator-based trainings. DEFENCE CONSULTANCY AND TRAINING I n this course aim is to design and develop a new IOT device and use it for commercial purposes in order to provide information and ideas to the entrepreneurs in topics such as how to use Arduino card, how to program, how design circuits and IoT projects using Arduino, and how to deal with encryption and security in IOT communication. EDGE SECURITY C ourse covers discussion of different systems and strategies that can be applied in large-scale institutions and in the control of authenticity in public spaces where access control is required; explaining appropriate solution options and creating awareness. SECURE IDENTITY CONTROL AND ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS COURSE