44 ALKAR R4 ERTUĞRUL EOD ROBOT UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLES A s the first member of the Mid-Class ALKAR Unmanned Ground Vehicles Family, R4 has been developed for use in operations to be performed in residential areas for the armed forces and law enforcement authorities. R4, which is driven by four independent in-wheel electric motors, is ready to prove itself in the field with its armoured v-monocoque body with scalable protection options, 200 kg + payload capability and strong nLOS communication features. The vehicle itself placed on 1.5-ton scale and the speed of UGV is up to 45km/h. The operating infrastructure is noteworthy with the ease of operator control at the safe communication distances. The LEVEL II protection is provided by default while partial LEVEL III protection can be reached easily. With the advantages of serial-hybrid drivetrain and small footprint, R4 is ready to perform all kind of tasks in residential areas. The 360° panoramic situational awareness system allows the vehicle to be controlled from the on-site staff via the mobile remote control and from a mobile control centre located at a safe distance. All ALKAR R-Series vehicles are of a size which can be transported/towed and also be fitted to the vehicles of the commercial pick-up series and all other NATO compatible air, land and sea transport vehicles. E RTUĞRUL explosive ordnance disposal robot (EOD) is used for deactivating improvised explosives under demanding conditions from a safe distance. The light and small structure of ERTUĞRUL adds speed and agility. ERTUĞRUL’s communication and video transmitting system can be utilised either wireless or wired and it is equipped with a six degree-of-freedom robotic arm for detailed examine and safe interfere of suspicious objects and threats. The agile and waterproof vehicle platformwith the flipper mechanism has enhanced mobility on various terrains such as rock piles, steep slopes, stairs under though environmental conditions like snowy and muddy and flipper mechanism also increases the reach out capacity of robot arm. The advanced surveillance system, aim and gripper cameras enables the robot operator to examine suspicious objects with high resolution in real time from the remote operator control unit and it records the operation for future examination. Additionally, with 3D Robot display shown on the OCU, all movements of the robot can be monitored even if the robot is not within line of sight.