460 I nline 6-cylinder engine with 12.8L swept volume and 600 HP power capacity was designed by Turkish engineers with domestic and national resources. Engine can be implemented to the heavy commercial vehicles as well as for military applications such as engine of wheeled / tracked tactical vehicles and logistic road vehicles. With a maximum torque of 2700 Nm, this engine will be usable in next generation hybrid power pack applications. After the completion of 3D design and all engineering calculations, 1D performance and 3D fluid analysis, durability simulations by using analytical and FEA methods were run. After prototyping in the ITU OTAM and TUBITAK test labs, the ongoing development processes of functional and life tests of the engine are carried out with the cooperation of Turkish engineers with universities, suppliers and other engineering companies of Turkey. Within the scope of the project, engine calibration and software development, design verification and product validation, pilot and mass production trials will be carried out. HEAVY COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ENGINE PROPULSION and POWER TRANSMISSION for LAND SYSTEMS T he 250 kW 9 phase electric bus motor is produced for Temsa’s electric bus project in cooperation with Aselsan. 250 KW 9 PHASE ELECTRIC BUS DRIVE AND CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR UNMANNED GROUND VEHICLES F EMSAN can create solutions for the motion control challenge of unmanned ground vehicles. UGV drive systems must operate efficiently under all conditions so as to minimize the power consumption from limited power source. FEMSAN’s high efficiency BLDCmotors compensate military standards in harsh environments. ELEKTRÝKMOTORLARI