465 PROPULSION and POWER TRANSMISSION for AIR SYSTEMS T RMOTOR was established with a mission to design, develop and manufacture indigenous engines on all civil and military aviation platforms to eliminate the foreign dependency of Turkey. TRMOTOR aims to be a global player in the sector by taking place at each phase of new generation indigenous engines technologies from design to the certification. TRMOTOR is planning to develop eligible product range for all aviation vehicles to be manufactured in Turkey by the capabilities and technical competency obtained from the activities initiated with the Indigenous Engine Development Program. ENGINE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM T he KTJ-3200, Turbojet Engine developed nationally and indigenously by Kale R&D, is specifically optimised for use with cruise missiles, target drones or alike. Its features include a compact design, high thrust, low fuel consumption values and starting capabilities at different altitude/mach speed conditions. Being the first national Turbojet Engine for Turkey, KTJ-3200 has proven its performance in different altitude/mach speed conditions through Altitute Test Facility in Kale R&D’s Development and Test Centre, and been validated with various tests (including endurance, water ingestion, distortion, MIL-STD-810 environmental tests, etc). Thanks to outstanding abilities of KTJ-3200, with certain modifications it can be adapted to different air platforms.  KTJ-3200 TURBOJET ENGINE