468 ELECTRICMOTORS T hanks to its patented motor design, EMF Motor offers low speed and high torque motors which have a high performance and high number of poles and which do not require gearboxes as if they feature a built-in magnetic gearbox. The motors of EMF, which are ideal for applications requiring top performance in different industries, can also be customised to meet the requirements of the customers. The torque is constant from standstill to nominal speed regardless of the load. Owing to their low moments of inertia, these motors are dynamic and can be controlled with utmost precision thanks to their design with high number of poles; they run quietly, they do not require maintenance and they have the highest efficiency in entire electric motor segment. EMF Motors have excellent performance in direct drive servo applications, accelerate rapidly and run with high stability. SQM TORQUE MOTOR E lectric vehicle motor is a permanent Magnet Synchronous Electrical Machine. Motor can be operated at motor or generator mode. Maximum speed is 12.000 rpm, maximum torque ise 270 Nm, maximum power is 140 kW and maximum efficiency is 96%. Motor has water-glycol cooling system and NdFeB magnet. ELECTRIC VEHICLE MOTOR