469 PROPULSION and POWER TRANSMISSION SUBSYSTEMS V arious servo motors are designed and manufactured to be used in defence industry where research and development are still ongoing. Servo motor product family has been designed for industrial applications in the range 0.2kW-20kW. We also have servo motor designs for automative industry. T he DURA AMT is a modular designed, fully synchronised automated transmission product line which is developed for tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, busses, midibusses and construction vehicles. Thanks to its automated (electro-hydraulic) gear shifting system, it provides smooth and comfortable gear changes. With its compact and characteristic architecture; it provides high gradeability, high maximum speed, low fuel consumption, high acceleration performance, high heavy duty and off- road perfomance and high durability. The optional add-on retarder safely relieves the service brakes when travelling downhill. Side and/or rear PTOs can be used to drive auxilary equipments. ALTAY MBT SERVO MOTORS DURA AMT R esearch, product-development and prototype- scale production of products to be used in high temperature applications of energy, aerospace, iron and steel sectors. High temperature metallic material manufacturing processes, open atmosphere and vacuum induction melting (VIM), controlled atmosphere and vacuum induction heat treatment, high temperature tensile, fatigue and creep strength tests, thermal barrier and corrosion resistant coatings (EB-PVD, CVD), microstructural characterization infrastructure and non-destructive inspection tests can be made. CASTING OF SUPERALLOY PARTS FOR OPERATION UNDER HIGH TEMPERATURE