483 ELECTRIC SUBSYSTEMS MICRO INVERTOR ULTRA-COMPACT 4-CHANNEL SMART BATTERY CHARGER (BC2014) H igh efficiency solar panel is used in solar power plant and building applications with minimal loss of efficiency in transfer from solar cell to panel. Product has 275 W rated power (Pmax), 38.37 V open circuit voltage (Voc), 31.34 V maximum power voltage (Vmmp). Panel dimensions are 1625mm X 975mm X 35mm. Panel properties differ according to the starting materials. A SPILSAN Energy manufactures 20 different type of chargers of which 6 of which are designed by the company itself. The company also offers sub-contract design and manufacturing as per demands from customers. M icro-inverter is used separately at each solar panel to convert the electric energy of each panel in the form of direct current (DC) into network-synchronous alternating current (AC). Product has active power support for network, possibility of distributed production, 250-300W power level and passive cooling. Micro Invertor has maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for each panel. I t has the capability of charging and discharging universal military batteries. By using SMBus V1.1 charging algorithm, 4 batteries (with an external adapter, this can be increased up to 8 batteries) can be charged simultaneously. It is compatible with AC input (95-265Vac at 47-63 Hz) and DC input (10.5-36Vdc). Also, it has the solar input infrastructure to operate with solar power. Besides that, it can also operate using car lighter plug as an input. Its operation modes can be selected as charger and discharger. There are led indicator on the front panel which indicates battery charging status, charge- discharge mode and error status. 6A current can be drawn from each channel at 4.2-48V output voltages. Compatible batteries are; BB2590 li-ion batteries, BB2847 li-ion batteries. In addition to those, different-chemical-compound batteries such as Li-Po, Li-Fe, NiMh, NiCd, Lead Acid batteries can be charged with a proper adapter. Its weight is 3.3kg and protection class is IP67. Also, it is compatible with MIL-STD-461 electromagnetic standard and MIL-STD-810 environmental conditions standard. It is one of the most prominent designs with its low weight, high charging capacity, charging time and efficiency. TERRESTRIAL SOLAR PANEL DEVELOPMENT CHARGERS