498 CRITICAL SERVICES G öksel Makine designs, manufactures and assembles the loading, unloading and packaging weighing systems of ammunition in the ammunition extraction and decomposition plant. They also carry out the design, manufacture and assembly of the disassembly machine to the relevant ammunition, the design and manufacture of the ammunition flake apparatus machine, the design and manufacture of the munition nose cone, and the blasting cabinet. Their quality system has been certified by ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100 Rev D standards and it is secured with certified. AMMUNITION SORTING SEPARATION PLANT T he incinerator can dispose small calibre ammunitions, gun powder and fuse. The exhaust gases are treated in dry pollution abatement system. Developed for a NSPA Project, the incinerator is used since 2011 by Jordan Armed Forces. ARMOURED EXPLOSIVE WASTE INCINERATOR D e-bulleting of small calibre (7.62 - 23 mm) bullets, and storing grain, capsule and gunpowder is provided separately by an explosive-proof system. DEBULLETING MACHINE S ystem developed for Italy Ammunition Disposal Facility, composed of rotary kiln for small caliber ammunitions and fuse, and environment friendly static furnace for open explosives and propellants. ITALY AMMUNITION DISPOSAL FACILITY