501 EXPLOSION PREVENTION SYSTEMS C abled Detonator ; is secure, electronically controlled, operates with high performance and resistant to all weather conditions. MO-200 can operate safely in all climatic conditions to control explosives, mines, pyrotechnic and various other devices. CABLED DETONATOR D esigned for safety, precaution and smooth blasting purposes, the Fbox- 10 has an effective RF distance up to 4 km with 10 channels. It has the option of cabled usage when requested. FBOX-10, which provides one day operation time in active use, has the ability to make 100 blasts in succession. Fbox-10 suitable for working in harsh environmental conditions. Such as it can operate between -10 and +50 degree Celsius. It has encrypted communication with the control panel for bringing the security to the top level. Fbox-10 exist for Military area control, smooth blasting for unexploded ordnance, controlled mine explosion. FBOX-10 T he MAXU-I Telescopic Manipulator provides an improved ability for Bomb Disposal Technicians and EOD/IEDD operators to maximise their stand-off distance and remote handling capabilities when working in close proximity to a suspect package of Improvised Explosive Device (IED). It is comprised of the mechanical claw. The controller the claw open/close and continuous left/right wrist rotation movements in order to achieve the mechanical claw’s exact operation. MAXU-I TELESCOPIC MANIPULATOR