504 LOGISTIC SUPPORT SYSTEMS The Turkish defence industry offers high-technology and cost-efficient solutions in compliance with NATO standards to meet logistic requirements of the Turkish Armed For and Security Forces in combat zone. The industry is also an important supplier for ally countries and is a reliable solution partner that supplies all logistic items required by the Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement forces such as military clothing, boots, field kitchen, engineering and maintenance. In addition, it is also improving its capabilities in medical systems and technologies. The industry conducts R&D activities in this field and invests in necessary areas before public and private sector representatives for new technologies. In order to support Operational Logistics needs effectively, Turkish Defence Industry Life Cycle Management Platform was established under the umbrella of SSB with the participation of all stakeholders in order to support the plans to be made during the procurement period. Thanks to this platform, guidance documents are produced for the Life Cycle Management of Defence Systems.