506 T EVI A Series Vehicles, which were developed for internal logistic operations and line feeding operations, represent the new environmental era of electric tow tractors. They are designed to manage new handling processes and decrease ecological footprint. The vehicles have a maximum towing capacity of 5 tons, an average range of 30 km and superior manoeuvrability. T EVI M Series Electric Tow Tractors were developed for terminal services and internal logistics applications. They were designed to manage handling processes with 1-ton load capacity, 10 km range and narrow area manoeuvrability. Thanks to the universal flange developed for many types of connections; it is used in in-terminal luggage trolley transfer, transport of industrial operation parts, pharmaceutical warehouses and laboratory services, International and national air mail transport, production and warehouse management processes. T EVI C Series Electroplated Platform Trucks establish a strong bond between the driver and the vehicle with its outstanding ergonomic design. Glass design provides a wide angle of view, visibility and monitoring platform load easily. The cabin has adjustable seats and wide leg space, as well as shock-absorbent suspension dashpots which provide comfort and safety. The vehicles are fitted with led headlights, front windscreen wipers and fog lights, allowing them to have quality and long range of vision anytime under all weather conditions. TEVI C Series Electroplated Platform Trucks have high carrying and towing capacities. T EVI Ambulances has storage compartments, oxygen equipment, emergency warning devices and special design patient cabin with trolley. Thanks to their one-piece steel body and chassis, they are resistant to impacts and can overcome 15 cm bumps. The maximum range is 50 km which allows them to be used for patient transfers multiple times. A SERIES CORDLESS INTERMODAL TOW TRACTORS M SERIES ELECTRIC TOW TRACTORS C SERIES ELECTROPLATED PLATFORM TRUCKS P SERIES MEDICAL GOLF CARTS (AMBULANCE) LOGISTICS VEHICLES