517 BALLISTIC SOLUTIONS M odern armoured vehicles require higher level of protection against ballistic threats. Extra weight that comes along with the extra protection reduces mobility and life-span of the engine. Thus advanced technology composite armour solutions are preferred over steel armour alternatives. CES developes and produces ceramic composite armour solutions against high level ballistic threats. ADD-ON ARMOUR C ES’ PPH series ultra-light combat helmets provide high level ballistic protection and comfort. Excellent ballistic properties against handgun ammo and fragments while yielding very low blunt traume. Integrated retention, suspension system along with ergonomic design proves comfortable even after long time usage. Advanced Combat Helmet design provides enhanced situational awareness and better field of vision. Weight can go below 1 kg, while V50 value is over 750 m/s. Add- on plates are available for protection against 7.62 mm rifle ammo. BALLISTIC COMPOSITE HELMET F or the modern main battle tank requirement of the Land Forces Command, Roketsan was assigned as sub-contractor on armour systems in the ALTAY Project in 2008. A contract between the Presidency for Defence Industries and Roketsan was signed for the development of armour system, which consists of composite passive and reactive armours, to be used in ALTAY Tank. Within the scope of this contract, effective by 2009, Roketsan established the Ballistic Protection Centre (BPC) and put it into service in 2010. Roketsan Explosive Reactive Armour System is a hybrid armour system developed for upgrade and modernisation programs of armoured vehicles. BPC has composite and explosive reactive armour (ERA) design, development, production and testing capabilities for light and heavy armoured vehicles. It also provides Elastic Layered Armour System solutions to increase protection level of armoured vehicles against RPG threat and force protection solutions. BALLISTIC PROTECTION CENTER