50 ALKAR ANTI-TANK REMOTE CONTROLLED TURRET A LKAR 120 mmMortar Weapon System, originally designed entirely by ASELSAN including subsystems, is a modern weapon system integrated on a turret equipped with Automatic Barrel Laying System, Automatic Ammunition Loading System, Recoil Mechanism and Fire Control Systems. It offers the capability of use with any kind of domestic and foreign rifled or smoothbore mortar barrel. ALKAR’s modular system architecture enables integration to tracked vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles and stationary platforms. A nti-Tank Remote Controlled Turret (ARCT) is offered in two configurations with respect to the use of anti-tank guided missiles. Thanks to the Anti-tank Remote Controlled Tower, the gunner can perform surveillance, target detection, identification, recognition, lock-on and missile guidance functions through the control console under ballistic protection in the vehicle. The turret incorporates the latest technologies in turret drives, fire control, protection and lethality. The system can generate a ballistic solution for moving targets and ensures a more effective ammunition utilization. Thanks to the independent power supply and distribution system of the turret; the servo drive, firing and sight systems can also be used even when the vehicle battery is off. The turret hull is made of all-welded aluminium armour with add-on steel armour providing ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 standard. ARMED TURRETS for LAND VEHICLES