525 FIELD SOLUTIONS O CK is a self-contained system for food preparation, cooking and warming in an expandable 20 feet ISO container. Capable of supporting up to 500 soldiers with three hot cook-prepared per day OCK is designed for use under extreme climatic conditions at temperature ranging from -32°C up to 60°C. It is well insulated with polyurethane injected wall panels. All cooking modules are heated by separate diesel fueled burners. The electrical needs of the OCK are provided by an on-board 15kva generator. CONTAINERIZED KITCHEN O FK is an easily transportable mobile kitchen trailer capable of catering to 400 soldiers at a time. OFK can prepare a wide range of food choices quickly and effectively. Compact and easy to transport, OFK can be towed by any vehicle with a hitch assembly, and can be quickly and easily set up to provide an immediate catering solution. OFK burners can be fueled by diesel or kerosene. All parts coming in contact with food are made of high-grade stainless steel.  FIELD KITCHEN TRAILER K AYALAR’s transportable, commercial kitchens offer a convenient, modular solution that is ideal for use in restaurants or venues requiring additional cooking areas, or during renovations. Remote mining camps, events and community projects. At 12m long, the containerised commercial kitchen is available in either 2.4m or 3mwidths and is capable of catering for up to 500 people. The unit is fully insulated and comes complete with top-of-the-range our own product range approved and supported appliances, extensive stainless-steel benching and commercial grade lighting. KAYALAR commercial kitchens comply with the global Standard for the Design, Construction and Fit-out of Food Premises (AS4674-2004). This not only guarantees legal compliance but also ensures a safe and efficient environment for hygienic food preparation. Containers fits for ISO Certificates and (CHU) unit. KAYALAR kitchens offer a flexible solution for individual needs or can form part of a total portable building solution to create a mobile camp. CONTAINER KITCHENS kayalarmutfak.com.tr