528 R ation packages that can cover the entire daily nutrition (calorie, vitamin, mineral and protein) requirements of a soldier are provided by UNIFO. The nutrition standards are decided according to the requirements of the end users. In this scope, the company offers its products to armies by considering of the calorie requirements for breakfast- lunch-dinner according to different needs categorised as Standard Ration Package, Cold Climate Ration Package, Desert Ration Package, Reinforced Ration Package and Patrol Ration Package. Having based its principle on food safety and human health, UNIFO can offer its products in different packaging alternatives as alu-tray packages, canned packages, and other type of packaging technologies. UNIFO has been manufacturing long shelf life food products at ambient conditions in a package suitable for microwave for the first time in Turkey since 1998. UNIFO’s innovative, young and dynamic face, the ta!da! trade mark, has been delivered to consumers with delicious, practical and healthy flavors since 2010. RATION PACKAGES W heat, corn and potato starches that offer high efficiency in fight against obesity and diabetes, with low glycemic index, reduced energy and prebiotic properties. Resistant starch gives a feeling of satiety, reduces appetite and balances blood sugar. It has 50% lower energy content and 90% lower glycemic index than regular starch. Positive effect on bowel health owing to prebiotic properties allowing the production of butyrate and other short-chain fatty acids in large intestine. Helps fight against obesity and diabetes. And it is almost 100% pure. TÜBİTAK MAM also produced the first patented, durable, additive-free, national yoghurt with a light and pleasant taste and liquid and powder-form tea with cholesterol-lowering properties. RESISTANT STARCH FIELD SOLUTIONS