529 CBRN D evelopment of kit, device and software integrated systems and solutions that can be used for detection and diagnosis of biological and chemical agents has been provided. BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL SENSING A and B Type CBRN Protective Suit is produced by air impermeable materials. It provides protection against CBRN warfare agents. A AND B TYPE CBRN PROTECTIVE SUIT P rovided by NORM, C and D Type CBRN Protective Suit Set consists of “NorBeCBRN” CBRN Protective Suit, “NorFeCBRN” CBRN Protective Suit and “NorMbCBRN” CBRN Protective Suit for different requirements. Set also includes solutions such as CBRN Protective Overboot, CBRN Protective Glove and CBRN Mask and Filter. C and D TYPE CBRN PROTECTIVE SUIT SET C BRN Filters produced by Nero Industry can be used for both military and civilian purposes. CBRN Protection Systems are used against weapons of mass destruction and industrial accidents and leakage. CBRN Systems provide air cleaned from contamination. Nero CBRN System consists of two stage filters as HEPA and active carbon filter gases. CBRN FILTRATION AND DETECTION SYSTEMS