530 CBRN N ANOBİZ provides product development and turnkey consultancy and training services for chemical and biological threats and explosive detection. CBRNE I DC Defence has been producing the biological and chemical warfare elements samples kit, biological aerosol collection & identification system, autoinjectors-atropine-obidoxime-morphine and biological and chemical warfare agent skin decon kit (reactive skin decontamination lotion). CBRNE SOLUTIONS T racking and analysing has been provided in environment conditions (temperature-humidity), air (temperature, humidity, particles), water (chlorine, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbudity etc.) by NANOBIZ. IoT TRACKING AND EARLY WARNING T o meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, MKEK produces MKE-NEFES New Generation Gas Mask, SR10 and SR10 ST Gas Mask, Gas Masks for Armoured Personnel Carriers, Panoramic Gas Masks and Gas Masks Canister Filter Production (NBC and Industrial Type). MKEK also manufactures parts for the modernisation of M48 and M60 Patton tanks, spare parts for Leopard 1 tank, military engineering vehicle kits and M113 APC spare parts. The company has design and production capability depending on requirements. MKEMAKSAMMACHINERY &GASMASK FACTORY