531 MEDICAL M icrofluidic detection system that allows mobile and rapid diagnosis of Salmonella, a pathogenic bacterium, with no need for laboratory environment. Product gives results faster than the DNA-based diagnostic kits on the market, at a reliability and sensitivity level equivalent to the classical and gold standard method of culturing, gives results in 5.5 hours unlike the molecular-based kits on the market giving results in two and a half (2.5) days. Has safe diagnosis with the system diagnosis limit which is quite lower than the number of micro-organisms that could cause disease upon food consumption. System can made detection of ≤10 bacteria in the food analysed and prevents time and money loss by eliminating the problem of giving false positive results due to detection of dead bacteria that can no longer cause disease. Detection of live but non-culturable bacteria, as a mark of superiority over classical culturing method . C hemical materials acting in closed-circuit form independently from the ambient air, capturing the carbon dioxide in the air inhaled by the person and generating oxygen in the amount needed by the person in cases of emergencies where toxic gases are released. Operation independent of the gas concentration in the ambient air, oxygen- generating chemical content and being the main chemical that accounts for a major part of the cost of self-contained closed-circuit respirators are some properties of product. EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF FOOD POISONING INCIDENTS EMERGENCY ESCAPE MASK ADSORBENTS T URMAKS is a company specialised in the planning, design and execution of medical and related turnkey projects throughout the globe - with a particular focus on fast support hospitals, mobile field hospitals (Level-II, Level-II+, Level III), and trailer clinics. TURMAKS, established in 1997, has completed several healthcare projects around the globe such as in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Darfur, Cote d’Ivoire, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana, Maldives and has successfully delivered and deployed several field hospitals and trailer clinics to organisations like UN and Ministries of Health and Defence. TURMAKS manufactures many innovative mobile solutions in its 4400m 2 facility in Ankara/Turkey. HEALTHCARE & MOBILE SOLUTIONS