532 MEDICAL D omestically produced anti- bacterial tamponade material controls and stops arterial bleeding by accelerating blood clotting. Material’s hemostatic structure providing rapid clotting in severe injuries. It is antibacterial, biocompatible and stops bleeding in 90 seconds. Material has competitive cost in comparison to imported substitute products . HEMOSTATIC TAMPONADE MATERIAL T urktipsan trial studies were started in 2006 with Parenteral Solution (Serum) in order to contribute to localisation activities in the pharmaceutical sector. It is aimed to provide sufficient amount of fluid in the body of the patients in health institutions, increase the blood volume, replace lost electrolytes or provide feeding of the patient in serum production. Aiming at patient welfare, public interest, reliability and quality at every stage of its activities, Turktipsan has started to sell with its own licences since 2007. Turktipsan, which advances pharmaceutical research and development activities in line with the needs of our country, has expanded its product range to include analgesics, antiemetics, antispasmodics and antifungals with the installation of ampoule and vial and polypropylene bottle filling lines. In accordance with the localisation and nationalisation policy in the country’s health technologies, the company continues to include the production of products that are being sold in the imported product category in the market to create added value that will provide public benefit in the economy. For this purpose, Total Parenteral Nutrition Emulsion has been developed as the first domestic product of the company and continues its licensing activities, and simultaneously the production of medical devices in order to increase domestic production and export capability in medical device and medical equipment sector. A SELSAN, relying on its advanced technology infrastructure and aiming to reduce dependence on import in the field of medical electronic technologies, has begun to develop projects and solutions enhancing the ability of domestic design and manufacturing. MEDICAL SOLUTIONS MEDICAL ELECTRONIC SYSTEM PROJECTS