537 TEST, MEASUREMENT and CALIBRATION DEVICES I t enables digital and analogue boards to be tested automatically. Matrix switching, different communication protocols and avionic interfaces can be tested. ABTES I n NANOBIZ laboratories, accredited fungus and mold (fungus) tests are provided according to ISO 17025 Standard. Tests include Fungus Test (MIL-STD-810-G), Fungus Resistance Test (RTCA/DO-160G), Determination of Fungus Resistance Test (ASTM G21), Antimicrobial Activity Test (JIS Z-2801) and Testing of Fungal Growth on Military Cables (TS4348). ACCREDITED ENVIRONMENT CONDITION TESTS A vionic Card and Unit Test System is a test and measurement device that provides a vast infrastructure to test avionic equipment. It can be used to test different avionic interfaces. ACUTS S park Kalibrasyon Hizmetleri has the only laboratory in Turkey providing calibration, adjustment, option upgrade, repair and maintenance services for high tech RF & Microwave equipment up to 50 GHz for the defence industry. Applied procedures are updated for new models at the same time with other Keysight Technologies Service Centres around the world, so users can have the privilege of getting reliable services for their equipment with the methods of the manufacturer that designed and produced them. Spark Laboratory R&D Division is working on calibration SW developments under METU consultancy. CALIBRATION SERVICES