58 BMC RIOT CONTROL VEHICLE EJDER TOMA 4X4 RIOT CONTROL VEHICLE ISV ARMOURED PERSONNEL CARRIER B MC Riot Control Vehicles are designed and manufactured to enable rapid and effective riot control. They stand out with a high level of manoeuvrability and adaptation to challenging conditions. BMC TOMA provides full support for the safety of urban and rural areas with its land performance, original chassis and strong handling. E JDER TOMA, which has 4x4 mobility, indigenous military chassis and fully independent suspension system, is manufactured for the security forces to quickly and effectively intervene in civil disobedience incidents. EJDER TOMA, which was uniquely designed by Nurol Makina, has been developed to maintain public order and security in rural and urban areas as well as border regions with its high off-road performance. All the tools, equipment, hardware electronics and software used in EJDER TOMA is originally developed by Nurol Makina. Thus, any configuration change or additional requirement can be implemented at minimum cost & time even to the vehicles in service. Indigenous water cannon design of Nurol Makina has a 60-metre range and provides spraying at a vertical distance of -15 degrees and a range of +60 degrees. EJDER TOMA has a self-ballistic protected cabin. The vehicle has the capability to draw water from the lakes and wells. I SV Internal Security Vehicle is designed for various public security missions. ISV is the right solution for personnel carriage in risky territories with its high level of armour protection. The high seating position gives a better view of the riot scene, increases situational awareness and helps anti-riot tactics planning. The lean and flat outer body panels prevent rioters from climbing on the vehicle, and the inclined roof top does not allow flammable and flaring materials, like Molotov cocktail, stick on the roof. The Water Cannon Variant has a cab for the driver and the operator made of armour steel at the front with the water cannon equipment located behind it. The vehicle is fitted with an auxiliary engine to drive the water pump that powers the system. The tanks, auxiliary engine and the rest of the system components are encapsulated under a high-hardness steel shell providing protection against thrown objects. RIOT CONTROL VEHICLES