60 2, 5, 10 TON TACTICAL VEHICLE BED AKSA RUN-FLAT 3 kW REGULATOR ARMOUR PROTECTED GLASS A regulator design project compliant with the MIL-STD-1275 standard to be used in the Altay tank has been completed and the series production process has begun. The qualification of the unit is again provided by the Pavo design MIL-STD-1275 test system. T he chassis are produced for 4x4 vehicles. Depending on the model, they can carry 2.5 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons or 10 persons. Pool-type chassis can be covered with high-quality canvas. The chassis has junction points for plastic cans, wedges and mudguards, as well as a space for tool box. I n case of the explosion of the tire which meets the weight of the vehicle due to various reasons while the vehicle is moving, the wheel cannot perform its function and the rim gets in contact with the tire. In this case, the rim applies force to the tire and the vehicle can be completely out of control. In order to prevent this danger, AKSA developed the Run-Flat system in order to prevent loss of control of the vehicle when the tire explodes. The system allows a certain distance to be achieved without losing control of the vehicle and ensures that the task continues. U nder Armour Protected Glass brand, Tezgen Otomotiv Ltd. has been producing safety glasses for over 45 years and has taken the necessary steps to specialise in bulletproof glass production. As an expert in this area, the company develops glasses for different requirements and exports them to 22 countries. Armour Protected Glass offers glasses with protection levels NIJ IIIA, BR 4, BR 5, NIJ III, BR 6, NIJ IV and BR 7. LAND VEHICLES SUBSYSTEMS