76 CG SAR CORVETTE (C 92) T he Coast Guard Search and Rescue (CG SAR) Vessels have been designed to perform SAR, patrolling, anti-smuggling, reconnaissance, surveillance, anti-air pollution and external firefighting missions within the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The vessels are equipped with visual landing aids for day and night landing/take-off operations for up to 10-ton helicopters. CG SAR has a telescopic hangar for the AB-412 helicopter and are equipped with floating barriers for oil spill containment and capable for JP- 5, fuel, fresh water and lubricating oil replenishment stations (RAS) and vertical replenishment at sea. C orvette (C 92) was developed to operate on different missions, mainly anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare and patrol/escort. It is suitable for helicopter operations. The hull is built from AH 36 while the superstructure is built from Marine Al alloy. The ship is 91.4 metres, the beam is 13.3 metres and the draft is 3.5 metres. The platform’s displacement is roughly 1,600 tons. The maximum speed is 26 knots and the range at economic speed is 3,000 NM. The C 92 can be operated by a crew of 100. The sensors include combat management system, 3D air and surface surveillance radar, IFF system, ESM, electronic countermeasure and CHAFF/DECOY systems. The ship can be fitted with different weapon systems notably Leonardo Super Rapid gun, twin-barrel 1x35mm Korkut point-defence system, 2x8 VL MICA VLS. LARGE SURFACE COMBATANTS