80 T he Landing Helicopter Dock is built at Sedef Shipbuilding INC. The ship will be used in the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean fields of operations, as well as the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, to support amphibious operations, administrative and logistic task functions of the Turkish Naval Forces. The platform will be one of the representatives of the Turkish Naval Force in the world with its vehicle and personnel carrying capacity, command control capability, day/night helicopter operating capability and a complete hospital. The LHD can be used for medical purposes as part of natural disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and refugee evacuation operations thanks to on-board complete hospital and operating theatres if necessary. The ship is 231 metres long and 32 metres wide. 4 LCMs or 2 LCACs can be transported along with tanks on the deck, Armoured Amphibious Assault Vehicles and other wheeled vehicles to the operation zone. The well dock will be 70 m long and 17 m wide. LANDING HELICOPTER DOCK AMPHIBIOUS SHIPS