83 AUXILIARY SHIPS H ydrographic Survey Vessel is designed to conduct hydrographic, biological, acoustical and geophysical surveys in open seas and inland waters with survey equipment installed on her. The hull is built from AH36 / EH36 ship building steel. The platform is capable of rescue and escort at sea missions. The ship is 41.2 metres long and 9.55 metres wide. The draft is 3.4 metres. The 41 m Hydrographic Survey Vessel has two shafts and is operated by a 30-man crew. The maximum speed is 13 knots while the range is 1,400+ NM. The platform’s seakeeping abilities are improved by a bow thruster. Her survey equipment include CTO Probe, water sampling system, magnetometer, ADCP, RTK, multi beam echo sounder, single beam echo sounder, portable multi beam echo sounder, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and sound velocity profiler. 41 M HYDROGRAPHIC SURVEY VESSEL