86 L ogistic Support Vessel (LSV) Project consists of 2 ships through local design, construction and integration in order to meet operational requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command. The ship has been designed in order to meet fuel requirements of combat ships, fuel transfers between shore facilities, helicopter day and night operations up to 15 tons, carrying containers for different purposes such as humanitarian and rescue aid to disaster areas, hospital for small-scale surgical operations. The ship has a hydraulic crane which has a lifting capacity of 18 tons and an electrical crane which has a lifting capacity of 2 tons. LOGISTIC SUPPORT VESSEL (LSV) The ship is fitted with Astern Fueling System (AFS) which is capable of transporting fuel to a vessel sailing behind the replenishment vessel. The ship has a cargo capacity of 4.036 tons of oil, 336 tons of helicopter fuel (F-44/JP-5) and 594 tons of fresh water. The platform is a mono-hull type vessel, all steel construction, designed to meet the speed, sea keeping manoeuvrability and stability requirements. Expected service life will be 30 years. The ship will have an unlimited operation capability up to sea state 5 and will be operable with some limitations in sea state 6 or higher. The ship has 100% redundancy for critical systems and fully air-conditioned accommodation. Full Monitoring and Control of major ship systems from MCR and damage control stations, automatic stability and loading control system. Endurance is up to 9,500 nautical miles at full load displacement, sea state 2 and economical speed which is 12 knots. Enough provisions for 30 days at sea. F RTs are an innovative solution to support long range missions of naval forces. She can refuel the fleet as well as the helicopters. FRT-19800 provides full logistic support for any container packed equipment, replenishment and supplies. FRT-19800 is capable of vertical & both side replenishment and has dry cargo container handling ability. FRT-2500 is capable of storing and supplying fuel to ships at sea and harbors and also capable of limited logistic support for navy ships during operation. FRT FLEET REPLENISHMENT TANKER AUXILIARY SHIPS