244 T he Kaan-717 is the carbine type of the MPT-76 with a shorter barrel. It fires 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition. It is capable of semi/full-automatic fire thanks to its short-stroke gas-operated rotary bolt action mechanism. Its accuracy is 4 MOA. The magazine capacity is 20. The gun has a 12 step telescopic buttstock. When it is fully extended, the gun is 810 mm. The barrel length is 315 mm. The KAAN-717 weighs 4,160 grams. KAAN-717 T he KCR 556 was developed by Kale Kalıp which has a great amount of experience in the defence industry. It fires 5.56x45 mm NATO ammunition. The modular gun is an advanced gas-operated rifle with rotating bolt head & piston op-rod driven fixed gas system. It is suitable for ambidextrous use. It has a maintenance free gas system up to 10,000 rounds which minimises fouling and heat. The chrome- plated cold hammer forged barrel is free floating. The gun is quite ergonomic with its modular flip- up iron sight and 5-position telescopic adjustable stock. The gun’s length is 655 mm when the stock is extended. The barrel length is 190 mm. The gun weighs 2,630 grams excluding the magazine. KCR 556 T he KNT-76 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that shares many parts with the MPT-76. It fires 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition. It is fitted with a semi-automatic gas-operated rotary bolt action mechanism. The gun is fed from a 20-round magazine. It has a 1.5 MOA. Its telescopic buttstock is adjustable. When it is fully extended, the gun is 1,100 mm long. The barrel length is 508 mm. The trigger force can be adjusted between 15 and 25 Newton. Its effective range is 800 metres and it weighs 4,700 grams. KNT-76 INFANTRY WEAPONS